5 Best Indoor TV Antennas for Watching Local Channels (in Australia)

Updated: Nov 15th, 2021

An indoor antenna is an affordable and simple way to get local TV channels without a cable or streaming subscription. That’s something I wish I knew about years ago. 

Well, it’s 2021, and it’s never too late to start discovering even the smallest devices that could change your life. A couple of months ago, I was too afraid to cut off my cable TV because I was worried about missing out on all my favorite shows. 

I didn’t find out about indoor digital antennas on my own but when a friend casually mentioned them and what they do, I knew I had to give it a go. Through my own research, I was able to pull up an extensive list of indoor antennas that could help me on my about-to-cut-off-cable journey. 

After testing several different models I’ve picked the best antennas you can buy, all for under $100.

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"Closest Thing to Free Cable"

6,309 Reviews




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"Closest Thing to Free Cable"

6,309 Reviews

Why Novawave Antenna is the #1 Pick of 2021?

Here’s something I didn’t know until recently. Many of the major TV channels are broadcast free over the air. This allows people to tap into these free broadcasts and watch their favorite content without shelling out way too much money on cable bills. If you are just finding this out too, then I definitely relate to your surprise. I got fed up with the high cost of cable TV a long time ago but hesitated for far too long, scared of losing my favorite shows. 

After testing all kinds of indoor digital antennas, including the ones with the good old “Rabbit ears,” I found the perfect match. While I did find quite a few gems on my antenna quest, only the Novawave Antenna ticked all the right boxes for me. This device is lightweight, easy to install and use, and most importantly, effective. I started getting way more channels than I did with paid cable services, and I got better quality (picture and sound-wise). 

Get Thousands of the best movies, TV shows, and sports events

I have never really been a movie enthusiast, but with the wide variety of shows, movies, and events I get on this thing, I find myself sitting on my couch more than usual. I now get shows and movies I truly want without spending a fortune on my entertainment. Someone should have told me about this sooner.

Great Picture and Sound Quality

The Novawave antenna receives UHF signals which translate to great reception in range broadcasts. Channels are also displayed in crisp full 1080 HD with excellent sound quality.

Say Goodbye to Obscene Cable Bills

My major reason for finally cutting off cable TV was the insane bills being dropped in my lap every time. It’s so remarkable that this antenna saves me so much money, giving me even more channels for free, quickly, and easily.

Impressive Mile Rating and Tower Locating App - Pick up Broadcast Stations From Miles

To a very large extent, the Novawave Antenna does not consider distance to be an obstacle.l this antenna picks up broadcast stations from miles away and in HD, no less! You get to explore several stations from miles away with great pictures and sound quality.

The app also helps you locate nearby towers to position the antenna for better reception.

Easy Installation and Operation

I am no tech-oriented wizard. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the process of installing the Novawave was as simple and straightforward as could be. I just had to connect the standard coaxial cable to the TV, plug in the power, and start scanning for available broadcast channels. Voila! Free, great TV instantly.

Small and discreet design

The Novawave is a slim and modern-looking device that can be as discreet as you need it to be. Without any ugly rabbit ears or bulky wires to take away from this great device, you don’t have to worry about the Novawave Antenna interrupting your decor. You can even mount it on the wall behind your tv set like I did.

Window and Wall Mountable

Where you choose to mount your antenna is up to you. You may choose to mount your Novawave antenna on the wall or a window for optimal reception or amplified transmissions. The device is easily mountable, plus the long, flexible cable allows you to move it around as much as you like.

Exclusive Discount: Up to 50% Off



"Closest Thing to Free Cable"

6,309 Reviews


Indoor amplified TV antennas give you free-for-life access to local over-the-air channels such as NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, PBS, and CW (subject to availability) that are within a 30-50 mile range from your home. These types of antennas are amplified with power to provide a signal boost and typically power 1 televison at a time.

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